How can you shape a
healthier work environment
for your people?

Attract and retain top talent by creating workplaces that
prioritize health and wellbeing.
The mental, physical and social health of each employee has been deeply challenged by the pandemic with 69% of workers saying this is the most stressful time in their careers. People perform the best at work when they feel heard, supported and encouraged. Leading companies are driving value creating flexible, holistic, technology-enabled workplace programmes that attract and retain talent by helping employees realise their potential and get the support they need.
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Companies can look at employee wellness by incorporating their needs into the building design and operation.

Astee Lim, Sustainability Manager, Energy & Sustainability Services, APAC, JLL

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As organisations plan their transition to a post-pandemic future, how much support can employees expect from their employers and workplaces in terms of their wellbeing?
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