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Research & economic consultancy 

Make sound investment decisions informed by the latest research, insights and advisors. Our research provides an understanding of complex challenges related to policy, property and social issues.

Risk management

Quantify the risk associated with your portfolio and develop a risk management strategy that can help meet your goals.

Planning & development

Our specialist team will help you maximise the potential values inherent in your property through lease modification, premium negotiation, town planning applications and strategic acquisitions.

Portfolio diversity

Take advantage of shifting market cycles and emerging market opportunities with a diversified portfolio strategy.

Sustainability services

We will help you find sustainable solutions which maximise asset value, mitigate risk, create new revenue streams, reduce occupancy costs or enhance well-being. Our services will enable you to transform the way you invest in, develop, manage or occupy buildings.

Building & development consultancy

We will work with you to ensure strategies are in place to increase both asset value and development returns so to maximise assets for the future.

Strategic property consulting

Make fully-informed decisions to achieve specific goals that maximise the potential of your property. We deliver pragmatic strategic solutions based on our local market knowledge, as well as sound market and financial analysis.

Dispute resolution & litigation

We provide expert advice on real estate-related negotiations, and legal proceedings and arbitration including rent review/ determination, value assessment for court/ tribunal submissions, expert witness in court/ tribunal and compensation assessment for claims submissions.

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