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Enhancing the property defect inspection process through technology

Launched in Hong Kong, our building defect inspection management system (DMS) developed in-house enables inspectors, project managers and property developers to more efficiently and systematically track and complete the defect identification and rectification process for residential and office units, ultimately reducing the manpower and time required by days.


Defect inspection goes digital and paperless


Overall work efficiency by approximately 20-30%


Savings in manpower hours increased to 25%.

The tool – available for both mobile devices and desktop PCs – features a centralised dashboard that provides a real-time, easy to understand graphical representation of the defects identified, the number and progress of inspections, as well as the type and status of defect rectification-related work orders through a single platform.

The list of inspections can be sorted by the phase of the development, block, floor, unit, items being inspected (e.g. windows) and status with just one click.

We support our inspection teams and our clients in going digital and paperless. The location of each defect can be marked on digital copies of floor plans that have been pre-loaded so that defects can be easily identified.

The inspector can also take a photo using a mobile device and upload it to the app version. Meanwhile, developers and management teams simultaneously log requests, while main contractors can update work status via the system as the works progress.

All information saved can be viewed online and through mobile devices, streamlining communications between all parties.

By referring to the aggregated data that has been collected, developers can use the app to quickly calculate quantities of the materials required to rectify defects at a single unit, block or residential complex. The ability to calculate and access such data so speedily can help reduce wastage of materials and control costs.

Defect lists and reports can be generated and exported for further analysis, increasing overall work efficiency by approximately 20-30%. Over time, developers can compare the materials, manpower and time required from project to project, and improve their overall resource planning.

We have deployed the use of the defect management app and tool at several of the residential and commercial property inspection projects that we oversee. By utilising the tool at Lai Sun Development’s residential project novi in Mongkok, we deployed three technicians for nine hours a day for two months to complete two rounds of inspection for 138 units.

Savings in manpower hours increased to 25%. We were able to save on the cost of recruiting one full-time staffer who would have handled the generation of hard copies of reports in the past.

Developers, purchasers and inspectors have expressed a high level of satisfaction in the tool’s functionality and efficiency since its launch. We will continue to proactively seek feedback from existing clients and review the tool’s functions to enhance and add new features.

DMS home screen 

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