Maverick Law

Director, Hong Kong Markets

"Try to understand more about the departments at the firm by asking questions during your interviews. JLL staff members are always pleased to answer queries and give you direction regarding your career path."

JLL, as a leader in the real estate industry, is an excellent platform for me to stretch and grow. I am very interested to pursue my career in this thriving industry. Thus, I applied for a job through the Joint Institutions Job Information System (JIJIS), went through three intensive interviews and eventually became a graduate trainee. The programme focuses more on on-the-job training, which provides opportunities for me to work closely with clients and learn market practices.

Up until now, I have completed many new letting deals with the Hong Kong Markets team and several shopping mall consultancy projects in Southern China. These projects have significantly polished my inter-personal skills and strategic mindset in the real estate industry.

As a trainee, colleagues treat you as a newcomer in the industry and offer more opportunities for you to learn. Colleagues brought me along for inspections when following up with clients, and taught me the skills of negotiation for various types of transactions. We have regular training courses related to the real estate industry such as the Blue Ocean Strategy and the impact of new real estate measures implemented by the government.