Jordan Kostelac

Director, Proptech

Jordan Kostelac is a man who wears many hats. As JLL’s director for proptech in the Asia Pacific, he has been tasked with driving technical innovation within the firm and for our clients.

He is also concurrently the co-founder and creative lead for home-grown cider brand NEONOTIC! and a founding partner of HK Walls, a non-profit arts organisation that aims to create opportunities for local and international artists which is best known for its annual street art festival held during Hong Kong’s art month each March. 

Jordan channels his entrepreneurial spirit and in his words, “pent-up energy as a PowerPoint jockey” by day, into his multiple roles. That’s a prerequisite for a day job where he leads the exploration and application of current and new technologies in making a positive impact on built environments, and overcoming real estate-related challenges across our business lines and for clients.

In Jordan’s mind, JLL’s path towards becoming a technology firm specialising in real estate must start with becoming an advisory firm first. 

“We need to be shaping the user experience with the tools we already have today.” 

Another one of his observations is that real estate has entered “the insight age”, when the expectation is on key players to gather and identify patterns in data from which to collate actionable insights. “In the coming years, we will start using it to enable better customisation of space.”

Jordan appreciates being able to unleash his creativity through his role at JLL. “I get a lot of influence for it from the artists I spend time with. As a long-time home brewer since my teenage years growing up in the US, the cidery is another place where I can get the creativity out of my system,” he says.

At his cider brand, Jordan’s infectious energy and constant, sporadic stream of ideas contribute to the locally inspired, exotic flavours that aim to push the boundaries of what you’ll expect from a cider. Neonotic’s latest is the NLC (Leng cha), an infusion of fresh lemon and tea into its signature apple cider brew.