Jessica Chan

Investor Solutions Lead, Hong Kong

Jessica began her life at JLL halfway across the world from her current home base in Hong Kong. Joining as a project coordinator within the firm’s construction arm at the Washington D.C. office, she aspired to apply her degree in architecture, and develop her career in managing building sites across multiple disciplines.

“While I really appreciate good design, my interest is in building material and the logistics around physical construction,” says Jessica, now senior director for JLL’s project management team.

After two years in Washington D.C, she volunteered to transfer to New York, arriving in time to be tasked with supporting the top-off of One Bryant Park, the Bank of America Tower in Midtown Manhattan. 

“Following my experience on a large project site, I then expressed interest in working in real estate strategy and account management, which landed me in a project manager role for the client account at a global investment bank,” Jessica says.

Her subsequent return to the main office in New York working for the firm’s brokerage arm was brief because she then applied for and was accepted for an opportunity to relocate to Singapore through JLL’s “International Leadership Development Programme”. 

In her latest capacity in Hong Kong, she leads the team overseeing corporate projects for multinational clients in the region, a responsibility which benefits from her diverse background and bilingualism.

“JLL has given me a great global network of smart individuals. These friends and colleagues are who I can rely on for new ideas to help me feel more connected within the fast paced world of real estate.” 

Jessica says the diversity of thought leadership and the openness of management towards new progressive ideas about the workplace and strategy at the firm is what draws and inspires her.

Representing the firm, Jessica was selected as one of the mentees for the Women’s Foundation’s 2019-2020 Mentoring Programme, and was matched with a female mentor with whom to share career objectives as well as ideas on life milestones with.

“The Women’s Foundation and JLL’s support for the organisation’s mentoring programme has helped me ground my way of thinking—both in life and career.”