Gigi Lo

Director, Hong Kong Markets

"You have to be self-motivated, diligent and smart. The real estate business is fast moving. We have to handle a lot of clients at the same time so you have to be able to constantly provide the best services as an expert in the industry. You also have to be flexible to changes and be able to react to client needs quickly. More importantly, you have to learn faster than anybody else."

I gained an internship opportunity at JLL through the 'Business Smart Competition' and found the firm a great place to learn and develop my career. Later during the recruitment talk, I talked to JLL people, understood the daily work and prospects of different departments. Finally, I entered the Markets team after a series of assessments.

At the beginning, I was a bit puzzled because I did not have a full picture when doing individual tasks. But soon, I absorbed different tasks day to day and my colleagues offered guidance. Another vital key to take me through is to 'ASK'. Not being afraid to ask questions will help you, but of course, you have to ask sensible ones.

I have gained good exposure by meeting with senior executives of firms from all around the world and learning industry knowledge from my colleagues. I also highly appreciated the emphasis put on professionalism and team spirit.