What makes us better?

Opportunity for everyone

We are committed to equality and ensuring that everyone feels a part of the JLL family. By embracing diversity, inclusion, and equality, we are focused on creating a welcoming culture.

We have many employee networks to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Here are some of our networks:

  • Building Pride – To promote a secure, respectful environment that enables and empowers  professionals to reach their full potential.
  • Gender Balance – To drive a better gender balance throughout all levels of the property industry.
  • Race for Change – To champion a more diverse property industry and creating a positive, respectful, and equal environment for all. 
  • Working Parents – To connect employees with their colleagues who can support each other life as a working parent.
  • Neurodiversity – To raise awareness and offer a supportive network for those affected by neurodiverse conditions whether it be personally, or colleague, a parent or carer. By providing a supportive environment we harness the positives of neurodiversity.
  • Global – To encourage global mobility and make our diverse workforce feel welcome in an international city. The Global Network aims to connect talent from across the globe who are living in the UK and inspire those looking to work abroad.

Our sustainability ambition

At JLL, sustainability is more than a saying. We recognise the importance of sustainability because it enables us to contribute to a better world and shape the future of real estate.

We want to make JLL a world-leading, sustainable professional services firm by creating spaces, buildings and cities where people can thrive. To do so, we aim to drive disruptive and impactful change by embedding sustainability into everything we do.

Learn more about our Sustainability at JLL here