How workplace technology is shaping employee experience in a COVID world

With so much in our near future remaining uncertain, the concept of ‘workplace experience’ is changing to take on new meaning

October 22, 2020

In our new fragmented environment, the workplace experience has changed drastically. But even in uncertain times, you can still deploy effective strategies that create a cohesive and healthy experience for employees. Workplace technology can empower employees to choose when and where they work, and have confidence that their choices will be both safe and productive.

Improved communication and collaboration

Whether employees can be in a co-located office or not, their ability to do their job is heavily reliant on their ability to collaborate, communicate and connect with others. It’s unsurprising then that 62% of knowledge workers have increased their use of collaboration tech tools since the shift to remote work.

Greater efficiency and matching at-home expectations with workplace tools

Businesses need to provide employees with the experience they have outside the company firewall. This means technology which comprises choice, flexibility, personalisation and intuitive UX. Apps employees can use the book available space? Ideal. Data that shows them when the best times to travel to work are? Brilliant.

Use data to optimise the employee experience - for both wellbeing and for productivity

Equipped with the right workplace data, companies are able to understand how COVID-19 has impacted their workforce and how employees’ needs are evolving – or are likely to shift going forward.

How technology will continue delivering post-pandemic

Workplace technology solutions like occupancy planning are not just useful right now, they will continue to provide valuable data and insights – enabling businesses to navigate the rapidly shifting business landscape of tomorrow and beyond.

Workplace technology has the power to enhance and shape the employee experience in our uncertain times. The sooner organisations invest, the more valuable data can be used to help navigate through the next normal.

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