Shortlist space using market data, portfolio insights and innovative technology.

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Explore the ways we help our clients find the perfect space for their business.
Tenant representation

Find the right space for your workforce and business, and sign a lease negotiated under the best terms.


Benchmark your building or portfolio in terms of capital expenditure, space utilisation, operational performance and sustainability against similar companies and portfolios around the world.

Business intelligence

Access data and insights to understand the potential of your portfolio, capitalise on new opportunities, use space more efficiently and realise cost savings.

Co-working and flexible space

Embrace increasingly agile work environments by planning for how and when flexible space is appropriate, develop the right strategy and secure the best prices.

Workplace strategy

Create a vision for your workplace that fosters innovation and improves business performance. Design appealing, flexible spaces that reflect your culture and are perfectly suited to your employees’ needs, while helping to attract and retain top talent.

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