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Raising the bar for premium residential property management services

Located at the Tai Po waterfront and facing Tolo Harbour, Pak Shek Kok has emerged as an exclusive residential community in Hong Kong offering unblocked views of the sea since the area’s residents first moved in in 2012.


Personalised and digitalised hotel concierge-like service


Maximise client satisfaction and property value


663,000+ sq. ft.

Since then, JLL has been tasked with enhancing the value of high-end residential projects in Pak Shek Kok by delivering premium, hotel concierge-like property management services, right from move-in.

Our clients look to us to operate and maintain their estates at the highest standard. We focus on delivering all rounded services to our residents in terms of wellness, enjoyment and convenience in living. Our trained service ambassadors address the residents’ every need, from giving them tips on the use of household or electrical appliances, to helping elderly residents on various daily errands.

Once residents settle in, developers can rest assure that operational matters, such as security, cleaning, the maintenance of facilities, and the management of the club house and customer service, are in our hands. Our community and seasonal events that are exclusive to tenants will make them feel more at home, while hydroponics and gardening workshops on site can make them feel more at home with nature.

Going digital enables us to improve operational efficiency even more. We have engaged a building mobile app supplier to tailor make a user-friendly property management service software suite that enable residents to read important notices, browse through exclusive shopping offers, and to book and pay for club house facilities and management fees from the comfort of their home.

On-site staff can keep track of all reservations and bookings, and to disseminate announcements and push notifications under one single dashboard.

At the heart of JLL’s residential property management function is our commitment to raising the bar for premium, personalised services that cater to the owners’ and residents’ every need.


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