Carrie Lam

Senior Director, Property Management

Carrie, who was first introduced to JLL as a summer intern for the Retail team, is now among the firm’s longest-serving staff. Upon graduation, she joined the company as an assistant surveyor under the property management department, which she witnessed growing from two management teams overseeing 50 buildings to over 10 teams managing more than 400 buildings throughout the years.

For Carrie, a collective passion for innovation within JLL is one of the reasons that the firm has remained a beacon in the real estate industry. 

“Be logical and practical while being innovative.” 

Carrie recounts a particular satisfying client win – the Hong Kong property management team’s first appointment by sovereign wealth fund GIC in 2002. JLL was tasked with managing and up keeping the fund’s core property investments in Hong Kong, including their portfolio in Grand Millennium Plaza in Sheung Wan.

The client’s satisfaction of the firm’s services in Hong Kong spurred further appointments in Shanghai and Tianjin. “GIC trusted that the team will act in their best interests,” says Carrie.

In 2020, JLL Hong Kong’s property management team celebrated reaching a milestone of over 400 buildings under our management in the city. 

“What intrigues me most about being in property management is being able to and having to think from the client’s perspective to solve tricky issues, especially when they lie in a grey area.”

Yet this is an aspect of work that Carrie says she had to learn to overcome over the time that she has been in the profession. The solution? Listen, be understanding and communicate, she advises.  

The combination of energy, elegance and an easygoing nature has made a mark on fellow colleagues, making Carrie a well-respected professional and female leader within the company.

“Be hard-working and don’t pull back,” says Carrie, who particularly loves adventure movies. “For those who fear adventure and some risk, they’ll see a world full of danger in front of them. However, there is nothing to worry about since JLL’s culture always embraces one team!”