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Education never stops. Through world-changing crises, we have seen the will to educate overcome extraordinary obstacles. We adapt new communication technologies, migrate face-to-face behaviour to the virtual world, and alter classrooms and schools to enable the work of educators and the lives of students to continue, uninterrupted, in a new normal. At JLL, we support the ever-changing needs of educational institutions and students with smarter campuses and better management of assets. While educators take care of their students, we take care of their campuses.

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Establish public-private partnerships

Deliver successful projects through mutually beneficial partnerships with private entities. Get the resources you need to finance your project, mitigate risks, monetize it, and boost revenues.

Manage campus facilities

Delight students, faculty, staff, and visitors with proactive facilities management. Elevate service levels, reduce operating costs, and introduce sustainability strategies. Address aging infrastructure with improved maintenance and smart capital planning.

Reduce operating expenses 

Use space utilization data to transform your facility and campus planning. Adopt new or better leverage existing technologies to automate tasks and generate valuable data about building performance and energy usage.

Develop capital improvement plans 

Develop a plan that strategically prioritizes your capital investments and minimizes surprises. Manage deferred maintenance with a clear path of immediate and long-term improvements.

Manage developments & projects

Deliver beautiful, functional spaces for your students, educators, staff, and visitors – and the community at large. Pursue ground-up developments or renovations that provide both a return on investment and a more vibrant campus community.

Create an innovation hub

Deliver a space where students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and established professionals mingle, collaborate, and flourish. Revitalize surrounding neighborhoods with an active, around-the-clock live-work-learn-play environment.

Enhance your technology

Increase the productivity, utilization and experience of your campus facilities through smart technology.

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John Mortensen,Head of Education Sector, Asia Pacific
John Mortensen
Head of Education Sector, Asia Pacific
Raymond Fung,Executive Director, Capital Markets
Raymond Fung
Executive Director, Capital Markets
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