JLLSpark Team

Mihir Shah,Co-CEO, JLL Technologies
Mihir Shah
Co-CEO, JLL Technologies
Yishai Lerner,Co-CEO, JLL Technologies
Yishai Lerner
Co-CEO, JLL Technologies
Eric Wittman,Chief Growth Officer
Eric Wittman
Chief Growth Officer
David Gerster,Vice President
David Gerster
Vice President
Josette Goedert,Executive Assistant
Josette Goedert
Executive Assistant
Sung Jin Im,VP of Finance
Sung Jin Im
VP of Finance
Lily Wynne,Manager of People Operations
Lily Wynne
Manager of People Operations
Laura Kelso,Director of Marketing & Communications
Laura Kelso
Director of Marketing & Communications
Alina Lozben,Executive Assistant
Alina Lozben
Executive Assistant
Anuj Nangpal,Growth Lead, APAC
Anuj Nangpal
Growth Lead, APAC
Tanguy Quero,Growth Lead, EMEA
Tanguy Quero
Growth Lead, EMEA
Meagan Riley,Growth Lead
Meagan Riley
Growth Lead
Kitty Sullivan,Director of Investments
Kitty Sullivan
Director of Investments
Emily Tan,Business Operations Lead
Emily Tan
Business Operations Lead