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Real Estate Valuation

Assessing value and investment potential in your property

​​​​​​JLL's Corporate Appraisal and Advisory comprises independent professionals with extensive knowledge and broad marketing insight. On the basis of professional ethics and industry standards, our real estate team has a proven track record in providing diverse, efficient and accurate property valuation and advisory services to enhance your asset value. We represent a comprehensive one-stop solution for customers through our cooperation with professionals in the field of law, audit, architecture and many others in order to satisfy your full scale business demands.

Our Services

Project and Corporate Financing

​We provide independent property valuation services. Our core services are property valuation, industry overview reports and due diligence for project financing. Throughout the process, we guide potential or already listed enterprises on how to fulfil the general disclosure duty in order to meet the requirements of the listing regulator. Our services are used for the following purposes:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Circular (M&A)
  • Mortgage
  • Private equity and trust financing

Development ​​​​​​​and Investment Consultancy

We provide market analysis and investment consultancy services. We assist our clients in making timely investment and/or asset disposal decisions to maximise their projects’ value.

  • Customised research and market analysis
  • Land use studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project selecting and positioning
  • Development/Redevelopment consultancy
  • Financial evaluation
  • Study on project withdrawal mechanism

Transaction Services

We provide a series of comprehensive risk management services. Based on market research and due diligence, analysis of market risk and yield can be provided for customers with the intention of investment, leasing, purchase, sale or integration.

  • Market risk study
  • Property risk analysis 
  • Deal negotiation

Financial Reporting

We conduct a full range of property valuation services for listed companies, funds and real estate investment trusts, in accordance with relevant accounting principles.

  • Purchase price allocation
  • Fair value requirements for investment properties 
  • Property impairment testing


Our Qualifications

Members of the Real Estate team hold memberships in various professional organisations, such as:

  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers 
  • China Real Estate Appraisers
  • China Real Estate Valuers Association 
  • China Real Estate Valuer
  • China Certified Public Valuer
  • China Certified Public Accountants 
  • ​Chartered Financial Analyst

Our Industry Experiences

​Project and Corporate Financing


​City complex located in the core location of financial business area of Shenhe District, S​henyang.​

We provided a valuation report for circular purpose.
​We provide property valuation and market research services to a nationwide leading real estate enterprise’s offshore IPO. ​​

Development and Investment Consultancy


​Cultural and creative park project located in Zhuhai.

We provided market research, product positioning, financial feasibility, and project development proposal services.
​Commercial complex located in Fengtai District, Beijing.

We provided a feasibility study, positioning, and financial evaluation services.

Financial Reporting


​Large-scale city complex located in the CBD area of Nanjing.

We provided a financial report for fair value requirements.
​Logistics park assets held by a well-known logistics real estate fund located in various cities.

We provide valuation service for fair value requirements.