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How Infinitus Plaza Puts the “Super” into Premium Property Management

Office and retail tenants receive 5-star hotel-style treatment


Appearances can be deceptive. Stepping inside the lobby of Infinitus Plaza in Sheung Wan is more like entering a five-star hotel than a 30-year-old commercial building. That's because the building's owner, LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG), wants its office and retail tenants to feel like honored guests.

"Super Premium" service

The first thing you notice is the hospitality of Infinitus Plaza's bi-lingual concierge staff. Experienced Customer Service Ambassadors offer tenants amenities ranging from personal hygiene kits, air purifiers, and mobile coolers, to loans of tools, hair dryers, travel adaptors, and more. They even take care of restaurant reservations and arrange transportation.

It's all part of the integrated service offering we created especially for Infinitus Plaza. Our client challenged us to deliver a unique "Super Premium" service that would reflect the Group's corporate culture and improve tenant satisfaction by personalizing occupants' and visitors' experience. 

Comprehensive staff training, with a focus on service excellence and attention to detail, is at the heart of delivering this. All our employees are prepared for situations that require immediate attention, such as accidents, emergencies and power outages. 


Rapid response and remedial action

We know that technology increases the efficiency of our management operations. That's why we upgraded Infinitus Plaza's building management system (BMS) to automate and remotely monitor the performance of all systems. We use the data we collect to continuously improve all aspects of our service in real time. 

The TourTrax mobile patrol technology platform has also changed the way our guards carry out their daily duties. Through a smartphone app, they can report incidents immediately to our property management control room via text or photograph.

A web-based platform enables control room staff to monitor incidents in real-time and pass work orders seamlessly to staff. Follow-up actions occur within 10 minutes and repairs within 24 hours. 

Collaborative work that yields results

Our client's ambition was to foster tenant engagement and achieve an optimum tenant mix to position Infinitus Plaza as its district's premier commercial building. To achieve this, senior leaders from our Property Management, Office Leasing and Retail Leasing teams work collaboratively with the owner to strategically plan how to improve building management operations. 

The success of this approach speaks for itself. As of end-2017, Infinitus Plaza's shopping arcade stood fully occupied, and the occupancy rate of its 25-storey office tower was over 90%. 

"We have achieved optimum occupancy and witness a significant increase in attributable rental value."

- Foxhill Investments Ltd.

Not only that, but our service excellence has resulted in the landlord generating consistently higher rental yields. Net effective rents increased by 39% between September 2014 and October 2017, compared to a market average of 25% for comparable buildings in Sheung Wan. 

"The JLL Property Management team's processes and manpower ensure that Infinitus Plaza is now considered one of the best Grade A office and retail options in the Sheung Wan district," says a representative of Foxhill Investments Ltd.'s Property Investment & Asset Management division.

"The team serves us and our tenants in the best possible way." 

Looking to add a premium touch to your building's property management services? Visit our Property Management webpage or contact William Lai.