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How Serviced Apartments Can Help You Feel at Home in Hong Kong

Serviced apartments can be luxurious, ideally located, and sometimes hard to leave


New to Hong Kong? Serviced apartments are an easy entry point into the city's residential market. They offer more versatility than staying in a hotel, and can give you the luxury of time to get settled and discover the ideal neighborhood for your permanent home.

Stella Abraham, our Head of Residential Leasing and Relocation Services in Hong Kong, and Officer John Chung give us the low down on the best serviced apartment options on the market.

What's the appeal of serviced apartments?

John Chung: Serviced apartments across Hong Kong give residents the chance to see the city's many faces and experience its different flavors. When you're ready to move on, you'll be better informed and feel more confident with your choice of living arrangements.

High-end or urban chic?

Stella Abraham: Hong Kong's serviced apartments are either luxury, boutique, or mainstream properties. Some are managed by large developers. They range in price depending on their type and location. One-bedroom and studio apartments are most in demand.

Luxury serviced apartments tend to be nestled alongside large shopping and office complexes. They typically provide five-star hotel-style facilities and services, as well as car parking. These units are fitted with top-end furniture and ultra-modern appliances. 

Boutique serviced apartments—ranging from small to medium in size—are fitted with contemporary furniture, state-of-the-art appliances and stylish in-room amenities. They are often close to entertainment hotspots and usually come with memberships to private gyms. 


Where are serviced apartments located?

SA: Everywhere. From the center of the city's action with the prestigious Pacific Place Apartments in Admiralty and The Luna in Wan Chai, to next to the beach at The Lily in Repulse Bay, and close to the Tai Tam mountain trails at Hong Kong Parkview, there's something for everyone.

Your choice boils down to lifestyle. Would you feel more at home in a luxurious apartment with five-star hotel amenities in the heart of the city, or would you rather chill out in a boutique flat in a quieter part of town?

What comes with an apartment?

JC: Most serviced apartments provide standard utilities such as internet and cable TV. There's also a new trend of providing residents with "handy phones", smartphones pre-loaded with free data and minutes for local and international calls. Luxury and larger boutique residences will offer a kitchenette and launderette. Storage space for bulky items can be limited in smaller apartments, but we can help to arrange bespoke storage solutions.  

How can our local experts help in your home search?

SA: It takes time to shake the feeling of being an outsider in a new city. With our expert market knowledge, we can take the stress out your relocation and help give this new chapter in your life overseas an exhilarating start. 

JC: Get in touch! Use our extensive experience to help find your perfect neighborhood and negotiate a fair price with the landlord. We are always here to solve any problems—even before they crop up. 

Moving to Hong Kong? Let us make the experience hassle-free. We can help find a serviced apartment for you. Contact John Chung for more details.