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News Release


JLL Launches ‘International Residential Property Investment Guide’

Help Grasp Investment Opportunities in Overseas Markets

HONG KONG, 18 October 2017 – JLL has launched 'International Residential Property Investment Guide' to help buyers in Hong Kong and the other Asia Pacific cities grasp the investment opportunities in property markets of the US, Europe and Asia Pacific region.

Capital growth, strong investment return and first-class educational facilities are the reasons buyers in Asia Pacific invest in international residential property. Taking advantage of its 13 experienced international teams and more than 100 staff across Asia Pacific, JLL has assisted investors in Asia with more than USD 6 billion in international property sales since 2012.

'International Residential Property Investment Guide' covers the property markets in the UK, Germany, Australia, the US and Japan and lists different countries' sales processes, providing buyers with trends of house prices, potential regions to invest and investment returns of various property markets, as well as the costs and tax systems.

"The UK is ideal for investors looking for stable returns on investment at a range of property price points. The relatively weaker British Pound following the EU Referendum is working to overseas investors' advantage. Besides, Tokyo is gearing up to host the 2020 Olympic Games and the Japan government increased investment in infrastructure that will boost the development of property market. On the other hand, Germany, Australia and the US are good for investors looking for long-term investment, stable market and price appreciation respectively. Through the Investment Guide, buyers can fully understand the latest development of major property markets and actual investment returns so as to make corresponding deployment," says Mandy Wong, head of international properties at JLL.


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