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Meet our people

JLL's Graduate Trainee Programme offers opportunities across our business in real estate industry which will allow graduate trainees to build the skills and knowledge required to develop into real estate professionals.

Meet some of our graduates and learn more about how JLL's Graduate Trainee Programme help young professionals excel in the competitive real estate industry.


"You have toGigi Lo 2015-resize.jpg be self-motivated, diligent and smart. Real estate business is fast moving. We have to handle a lot of clients at the same time so you have to be able to constantly provide the best services as the expert in the industry. You also have to be flexible to changes and be able to react to clients’ needs quickly. More importantly, you have to learn faster than anybody else."

Gigi, Markets Team

I gained an internship opportunity at JLL through the Business Smart Competition and found the Firm a great place to learn and develop my career. Later in the recruitment talk, I talked to JLL people, understood the daily work and prospects of different departments. Finally, I entered HK Markets after a series of assessment.

At the beginning, I was a bit puzzled because I did not have a full picture when doing individual tasks. But soon, I absorbed different stuff day to day and my colleagues offered guidance. Another vital key to take me through is 'ASK'. Not being afraid to ask questions will help you, but of course, you have to ask sensible ones.

I have gained good exposure by meeting with seniors executives of firms from all around the world and industry knowledge from my colleagues. I also highly appreciated the emphasis put on professionalism and team spirit.

Maverick-website-v2.jpg"Try to understand more about the departments in the Firm by asking questions during your interviews. JLL staff members are always pleased to answer queries and give you some directions regarding your career path."

Maverick, Markets Team

JLL, as a leader in the real estate industry, is an excellent platform for me to stretch and grow. I am very interested to pursue my career in this thriving industry. Thus, I applied for a job through JIJIS, gone through three intensive interviews and eventually came to be a graduate trainee. The programme focuses more on 'on-the-job' training which provides opportunities for me to work closely with clients and learn the market practice in society.

Up until now, I have done more than 20 new letting deals in HK Markets and two shopping mall consultancy projects in Southern China. These projects have significantly polished my interpersonal skills and strategic mindset in the real estate industry.

As a trainee, colleagues treat you as a newcomer in the industry and offer more opportunities for you to learn. Colleagues brought me along for inspections, following up with clients and taught me the skills of negotiation for transactions types (i.e. New Letting, Lease Renewal, Surrender, etc). We have regular training courses on real estate industry such as Blue Ocean Strategy and the impact of new real estate measures implemented by the government.

Capital Markets

Eunice Tang 2015-resize-v2.jpg"If you love to interact with people and are interested in property development, this would be the dream job for you. "

Eunice, Capital Markets

Working at JLL's Capital Markets team provides me the best platform to explore real estate investment opportunities in various sectors such as luxury residential, retail, office, industrial, en bloc development and even lands in Hong Kong. This widens my horizon on investment products as well as getting to know different kinds of investors around the world.

The extensive platform and teamwork facilitates cross-selling and helps to satisfy various investment requirements. In this competitive and challenging market, JLL also offers me both on-the-job and off-the-job trainings to acquire the required skill set to work as a professional investment consultant.

I think that I can never get bored with my current job as the market is full of opportunities as well as challenges every day. I believe that our clients like our services as our team never settles for any lousy work and is always striving to do better and better every day.​​